Improving online collaboration and integrating experts services

plug and play

Plug and play platform for project teams

Tailor-made rooms

For recurring meetings and workshops

easy to use

No training, software or VR hardware needed


Reduces air traffic, cuts costs and supports hybrid working

Imagine a place
where your team can ….


  • We create the right online environment for hosts that do not master online hosting skills.
  • Come together & put again all the plans on the table!
  • No more workshops that are merely slide-deck monologue
  • Where better to co-create than in the project’s digital twin?


  • Spaces where remote workers meet and can gather in small get- togethers without disturbing the others
  • Participants can make use of all their screens to make the most out of a meeting
  • An easy access to the right experts no matter where they are
  • Where your security clearance can be defined by the rooms you can enter


  • No more screen share-jumping hick-ups
  • Dynamic conversations as if you are sitting next to each other
  • Close the gap between your team and your digital information
  • An environment that transforms passive spectators into active participants

care for scarce resources

  • A V-Room can release a manager from repetitive and administrative tasks
  • No more hustle with files duplicated for meetings
  • Avoid teams being traveling or even airborne all the time: less costs, more efficient & more sustainable.
  • Remove barriers for your team workers to work remotely

Activities benefiting
from a dedicated V-ROOM

Pre-construction phases

  • Nvalue engineering/optimazation room
  • Nrisk workshops
  • Ncoordination meetings
  • Ntechnical/topical room
  • Nproject follow-ups
  • Ntender board
  • Nsafety by design
  • Nproject onboarding
  • NPQ rooms
  • Nassessment rooms
  • Nteambuilding rooms

Construction phase

  • Nproject onboardings
  • Nimprovement workshops
  • Nmedia rooms
  • Nproject board
  • Nprogress meetings
  • Nsafety inductions
  • Ntoolbox trainings
  • Nproject audit & independent checking
  • Nclaim team dataroom
  • Ncommissioning control center


Risk Workshop
Consultant Rooms
Progress Meeting
Design Review
Board Room
Big Room
Team Assessment

What do we offer?

Project-specific rooms tailored for recurring meetings and workshops.
Easy procurement & mobilization of specialized consultancy
A marketplace where specialized service providers can propose their services to project teams in dedicated rooms.
Possibility to tailor the platform to the project BIM
VR experts ready to assist consultancy firms to develop their tailor-made rooms, equipped with their tools and integrated into the project collaboration platform.

project PLATFORM

Online platform for users and content providers allowing a global reach
  • NImmersive virtual collaboration platform
  • NAllows colleagues across the globe to work together as if they are in the same room
  • NFor pre-construction phases of major construction projects
  • NTailor-made rooms for recurring meetings and workshops

How we work

1. confirm You confirm the purchase of an onboarding V-Room
2. Meeting A call of approximately 1hr with the project manager to discuss the visuals & documentation
3. access The project team provides the necessary accesses to the documentation and a list with contact details of the onboarders
4. check A follow-up call of approx. 30min to check if all information has been received & well understood
5. 48 hours We build it within 48 hours following the second call
6. V-Room is ready Your onboarders receive an email with a hyperlink, login, password and an easy 1-pager how to use the V-Room.



Enable people thousands of miles apart to collaborate effectively in virtual environments, without continuous air travel.


Improving the use of digital twins, by using it for the work environment while they are being developed


Allowing remote collaborations to be as productive and engaging as face-to-face meetings

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